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High-quality sofa cushions, blend comfortably into any living environment and provide cuddly feel-good moments  In addition, the luxury decoration cushions are a real eye-catcher, with which the mood of a room can be changed in an instant. It is therefore worthwhile to invest in a high-quality pillow specimen.

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Couch Pillow, Cotton, modern and beautiful design - Nordic
57.55 USD
Shippingtime: 5 Weeks

Cushion covers with great colors, great Material!

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They are soft, cuddly, practical and also very stylish pillows are an indispensable accessory when setting up. They have different functions, and decorate different areas of your apartment such as the bedroom or the living room. We continue with the pillows for the living room: very popular are beautiful sofa pillows, which you can adjust color to the Couch or to the interior.

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Great colors, great Material!

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