Luxury decorative pillows

Noble and elegant materials for your luxury throws
For a nice look, the luxury throw pillow, which you can vote for your decor and the season. Luxury throw pillows consist of different uppers, which are suitable for various applications. The classic is of course cotton. The plant fiber is easy to clean, smooth and absorbs a lot of moisture. The fine structure of cotton allows brilliant colors and filigree prints. Linen is also an uncomplicated material that you can wash and iron hot. The fiber feels pleasantly cool on the skin and has a rustic appearance. Linen is usually very natural and clean. Elegant cushion covers made of silk or raw silk, on the other hand, give your interior a particularly elegant note and impress with their light sheen. Silk is also very beautiful with prints and ensures a pleasant feeling on the skin. For the colder season, high-quality uppers made of wool blends, felt and alpaca are a good choice as they are pleasantly supple and warm.

This is a picture of a luxury blue throw pillow
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