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They are soft, cuddly, practical and also very stylish – pillows are an indispensable accessory when setting up. They have different functions, and decorate different areas of your apartment such as the bedroom or the living room. The classic among the cushions is of course the pillow, which guarantees a comfortable sleeping position. A special variant is the so-called side sleeping pillow. This long, narrow pillow supports the cervical spine and counteracts back pain. Also practical are wedge cushions. They store your head up while sleeping and also serve as a backrest if you want to read in bed. We continue with the pillows for the living room: very popular are beautiful sofa pillows, which you can adjust color to the Couch or to the interior. Stable seat cushions, on the other hand, are the perfect choice if you like to work on the floor, read, eat or play with your children. Last but not least: the decorative pillows and decorative pillows. The classic from grandmother's days is celebrating its great Revival and beautifies your home with individual Prints, novel materials and artistic embroidery.

Tips on the subject of pillow fillings

It also depends on the internal values when buying a pillow. The cushion filling is also referred to in the jargon as Inlet and consists of a variety of natural materials or synthetic materials. Very proven are fillings of feathers or down, which make your pillow voluminous. For allergy sufferers, however, feather pillows are less suitable, because the cleaning is expensive. Pillows with a virgin wool Inlet, on the other hand, convince with durability and a low dead weight. In addition, virgin wool transports moisture optimally and is therefore suitable as a filling material for pillows. A particularly soft and flexible variation of synthetic latex fillings. The small beads adapt perfectly to the body and can also be used for allergies. Harder and more form-resistant, on the other hand, are cushion fillings made of Cold Foam. Especially neck pads and wedge pads are often made of the open-pore Material. Very popular with allergy sufferers is also filling cotton, which you simply wash in the machine.

Noble materials for your pillow cases

For a beautiful Look, decorative pillows provide, which you can adjust to your decor and the respective season. Cushion covers are made of different materials, which are suitable for various applications. The classic is of course cotton. The plant fibre is easy to clean, smooth and absorbs a lot of moisture. The fine structure of cotton allows for brilliant colors and delicate prints. Linen is also an uncomplicated Material that you can wash and iron hot. The fiber feels cool on the skin and has a rustic appearance. Linen is usually very natural and clean. Elegant pillow cases made of silk or pong silk, on the other hand, give your decor a particularly elegant touch and convince with their light shine. Silk is also very beautiful with print and ensures a pleasant skin feeling. For the colder season, high-quality wool blend, felt and alpaca top materials are a good choice, as they are pleasantly cuddly and warm.

Set up with style

Current design trends play with newly interpreted classics, interesting surfaces and innovative printing. Strips have just their big Comeback and show up as large block strips, in maritime blue-white, fine and irregular or quite geometrical. They beautify Scandinavian interiors and match the relaxed country house style. Also graphical cushion covers are on the rise and provide a little retro flair. With their eye-catching appearance they fit very well with plain-coloured ceilings and white rooms. Particularly timeless patterned ethnic pillows give your home coziness and individuality are colorful. Ethnic prints look very stylish when you place them between white or dark brown wooden furniture. Opulent and playful, however, are pillow cases in Boudoir style. Soft Velvet, and Details such as ruffles and lace for the particular Boho Look. By the way, a good choice for individual designers are pillows, which are usually available in limited quantities. Fancy prints or play with shapes turn the pillows into beautiful It parts for your home.

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You can find pillow inserts and pillow cases individually or as a Set in our well-stocked specialist shop and of course with us. Online stores for home textiles usually offer a wide range of products and you can order your favorite items comfortably to your home.
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